At Splash Puppy we offer products that are naturally based, environmentally friendly and Australian Owned and Made. We have many years experience in the dog grooming industry which enables us to give advice on how to care for your dog's skin and coat. We invite any questions you may have in relation to the well-being of your dog. We have a love of dogs with a special appreciation of golden retrievers. We shared our life with Kira, Kes, Khardi and Roxy as shown in this special photo of our fur family. We recently gained a new family member, Rain, our 6 year old golden retriever.


Splash Puppy is a stockist for the Dry Me Pet Towel and Petway Petcare. These products were selected because they are of the highest quality and safe to be used on your pets. It is very important to choose products that are safe for your pet to avoid any health problems. The Dry Me Pet Towel is made in Japan and Petway Petcare are naturally based products and are Australian Made & Owned.

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Splash Puppy is a stockist for products from the Love Oil Company that includes Stiff, Sore and Sorry.

These products were selected after we both used the products and got instant pain relief for a sore neck & shoulders, knee and back pain. These products are 100% organic and are Australian Made & Owned.

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