Kurgo Tru-fit Harness Med Lge Xlg


With just two clips of the chest strap you are ready to go. the 5 adjustment points and padded chest plate ensure a comfortable and secure fit, while the two steel front and back lead connections offer the best training options for dos who may like to pull. the detachable seat belt loop is compatible with all vehicle seat belts, which makes travelling together a breeze. Whether walking or riding, this harness will keep your dog secure and in control.

Kurgo Backseat Bridge


Sometimes your dog just needs a little more open space in your car to feel secure and comfortable while travelling. It's a difficult dog's life when you don't know whether to be oversized and under protected on a lofty seat, or to bunker down on the not-so-soft floor, making it difficult as the owner to practice proper car/dog safety. The back seat bridge does just what it's name says, and bridges the gap between your front and rear seats, so falling to the floor is never a problem for your dog.


  • Sturdy, rugged pad to hold even the largest dog

  • Reversible to match vehicle interiors

  • Prevents your dog from being able to get to the front seats.

  • Your dog will feel secure & not being able to fall between the front and back seats.

  • Waterproof with a universal fit.

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Kurgo Tru-fit Harness Enhanced Strength

Sml $35.00 Med $40.00 Lge $45.00 Xlge $50.00

This harness has been crash tested to 60km/hr with 5 different steel adjustment points. The extra strong harness offers travel safety as well as ease of use, and detachable seatbelt loop is compatible with all vehicle seatbelts.

Kurgo Leash Zip Line Combo

$28.00 ea

A simple, multi-functioning restraint system for your dog. the sturdy web strap simply attaches to any two fixed points in the vehicle, creating a tether run for the dog and restricting access to the driver.

  • Your dog cannot jump from the car when the door is opened.

  • Zip line and leash are included.

  • Use in conjunction with the trufit harness.

Kurgo Backseat Barrier

$39.00 ea

This cloth barrier attaches to the back of your front seats creating a soft wall between you and your dog, blocking that little space above your centre console. Your dog can still sit and peer through the mesh top; you can even reach back for a scratch if necessary. Most importantly this barrier helps to you distraction free while driving, and keeps your dog safely our of the front of the car. this product is versatile and simple to install and remove.

  • Protects passengers and cargo from roaming dogs

  • Protects your dog from launching forward during quick stops

  • Bottom mesh for rear climate control venting

  • Front seat stays clean of dog hair and dirt

  • Universal fit for mot vehicles from a compact car  to a SUV

  • Simple installation and removal

  • Cup holder, storage pocket and all steel hardware

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