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Fresheeze Chill Bone
Sml $6.00 ea  Med $8.00 ea  Lge $9.00 ea

The chill bone is great during hot day. Simply fill with water, plain or flavoured & freeze. Your dog will love the cool feeling on a warm day and at the same time massage the gums.

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Fresheeze Clicker Bone
Sml $6.00 ea  Med $8.00 ea  Lge $9.00 ea

The clicker bone when crunched down on by your dogs jaw imitates the sound of a plastic bottle which encourages your dog to keep chewing which massages the gums & teeth.

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Fresheeze Floss Bone
Sml $6.00 ea  Med $8.00 ea  Lge $9.00 ea

The floss bone is designed to help clean your dogs teeth & gums. When chewed the teeth slide down into the middle where the teeth & gums are massaged.

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Entertaineze Stuff n Bounce
Sml $5.00 ea  Med $8.00 ea

The stuff n bounce treat holder entertains your dog as well as stimulate their mind. This tough toy is ideal for small to large size dogs.

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Mint Rope Bone
Sml $4.00 ea  Lge $9.00 ea

The rope bone is a good tug o war toy. It is also ideal as a training aid for recall exercises. The small size is suitable for small to medium breeds & the large size is suitable for large to extra large breeds

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Giggle Dumbell
Red or Purple Sml $9.00 ea

The dumbell when rolled clicks. It is available in both purple & red. Is suitable for medium to large breeds.

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Chewers Power & Play

Yellow & Orange 6cm $6.00 ea

Blue & Green 8cm $7.00 ea

Orange & ​Blue 9.5cm $8.00 ea

These toys are tough & durable & great for dogs to massage their gums & teeth.

Also ideal to play fetch with your dog.

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Action Basketball
$22.00 ea

The action basketball is a competition statndard ball but with added tug o war ropes. This strong ball is tough and entertaining. Suitable for large to extra large breeds.