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Dry Me Pet Towel

$20.00 ea

The Dry-me Pet Towel is a super absorbent towel that dries your pet in a flash. It is easy to clean and is also completely machine washable. Dimensions 60cm x 43cm.


The unique 3-layer construction makes the Dry Me Pet Towel the obvious choice for both its durability and re-usability.

We care about your pets, and so naturally, no harsh chemicals were used in the making of this product. 

This pet towel is the preferred choice by professional groomers.


Features and benefits:

  • Absorbs water immediately

  • Outstanding durability

  • Innovative 3 layer system

  • Super strong, super soft

  • Draws the water from your pets coat

  • Cooling mat for your pet in hot conditions 

  • Ideal to dry the car, caravan, motor home, windows, bench tops, shower screens and more .... 

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Oster Rapid Bath


Bath time is no longer a chore with the Oster Rapid Bathing System. Quick, robust and easy to use. This all in one kit includes everything you need to give the dirtiest doggy fur a full body massaging bath in 3 minutes or less. Complete with indoor shower adaptors and outdoor hose adaptors, our one-handed system means no awkward handling or discomfort for you or your dog. Just a gentle soapy spray that's great for them and amazingly easy to use.

  • All-in one system featuring patented hand-piece ergonomically designed for maximum comfort.

  • Rotating head for hard-to-reach areas.

  • Easy one handed operation lets you alternate between wash / rinse settings.

  • Long 3.05 m hose for even easier reach.

  • Includes indoor and outdoor adaptors for the versatility to use inside or outside.

  • Includes super absorbent microfibre towel for a rapid drying action.

  • Includes one shampoo cartridge enough for about 3 baths depending on size of the dog

Anti Static Detangler.jpg

Petway Anti-Static Detangler

250ml - $17.00  500ml - $27.00

  • Speeds up the drying process

  •  Makes brushing easier and repels dirt.

  • All natural ingredients and alcohol free.

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Oster Rapid Bath Shampoo Refill Pack

3 per pack $9.00

  • Pack of 3 cartridges

  • Enough shampoo in each cartridge for up to 3 washes depending on the breed and size of the dog. 

  • Available in Hypo-allergy, White, DeOdour and Ultra Shine