Petway Petcare EVERYDAY PINK SHAMPOO is the most popular shampoo used by professionals everyday across Australia.

  • Naturally based, general purpose shampoo that thoroughly cleanses and deodorises the animals coat and skin.

  • Brightens white coats, highlights natural coat colours and provides a superb lustrous coat finish. 

  • It leaves a unique floral musk fragrance, which smells lovely and clean. 


Petway Petcare EVERYDAY PINK CONDITIONER is a revitalising naturally based conditioner for use on animals with normal skin. 

  • Restores coats natural lustre and adds additional moisture, while replentishing the skin.

  • Softens the coat and make brushing easy.  

  • Leaves a lasting unique floral musk fragrance.

Wicked White
(Concentrate 10:1)
250ml - $17
500ml - $23
5 litre - $101

Petway Petcare Shampoo & Conditioner


Formulations are naturally based, bio-degradable & environmentally responsible using natural oils & herbal extracts of natural origin and are pH balanced for animals' sensitive skin. The shampoos area highly concentrated & will achieve amazing results using only small amounts of shampoo when diluted in warm waterThe shampoo range includes products that are Soap, Paraben, Suphate & DEA free. Petway Petcare formulations are widely used by Pet Industry professionals and home groomers & are proudly Australian Made & Australian Owned.

Everyday Pink Conditioner 
(Concentrate 10:1)
250ml - $17
500ml - $23
5 litre - $100
Everyday Pink Shampoo 
(Concentrate 10:1)
250ml - $15
500ml - $22
5 litre - $86
(Concentrate 10:1)
250ml - $18
500ml - $25
5 litre - $111

Petway Petcare DE-SHEDDING SHAMPOO is a naturally based shampoo for use on double-coated and shedding breeds.


  • It has been formulated to help release the undercoat and assist in the do-moulting process.

  • It contains natural essential oils to stimulate follicles to release hair while moisturising and hydrating the skin.

  • Has a lovely fresh lily and pomegranate fragrance.

Petway Petcare WICKED WHITE SHAMPOO is a naturally based shampoo concentrate, specially formulated for more advanced whitening.


  • Contains a stain removing agent which does not leave any residual build up in the coat.

  • For use on animals with light coloured coats, white coats or white patches.

  • Whitens white coasts and assists in reducing unslightly stains caused from tears, urine and licking.

  • Provides a deep cleanse to the coat and skin.

  • Leaves a soft baby powder fragrance.


(Concentrate 10:1)
250ml - $20
500ml - $28
5 litre - $118

Petway Petcare CLARIFYING SHAMPOO is an advanced formula  developed to thoroughly clean dogs of all dirt, grime and excess sebum, fats and oils without stripping the coat and skin of essential natural oils.

It does this using a combination of high end, gentle cosmetic grade, plant derived surfactants and has conditioning properties to ensure the skin and hair fibres are not dried out.

Contains no solvents or sulphates and is non-irritating.  No harsh preservatives.  Preservatives used are from natural fruit and vegetable extracts.

Can be used for general purpose cleaning, as a clarifying shampoo or use neat for ears or grease spots.  Dilutions vary and are shown on the label.

This is similar to our Deep Cleansing Additive but instead of adding it to your shampoo as a booster for deeper cleansing this is a standalone shampoo.

Aroma Care
(Concentrate 10:1)
250ml - $17
500ml - $23
5 litre - $101

Petway Petcare AROMA CARE SHAMPOO is naturally based, essential oil shampoo.


  • Ideal for dogs that are anxious. 

  • Contains pure steam distilled cosmetic strength essential oils of Lavender and Chamomile. 

  • Lavender is reported as a natural soother and relaxer and Chamomile provides natural coat and skin conditioning qualities. 

  • Brightens white and highlights natural coat colours.

  • Leaves a calming aromatic fragrance.

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