Petway Petcare Shampoo


Formulations are naturally based, bio-degradable & environmentally responsible using natural oils & herbal extracts of natural origin and are pH balanced for animals' sensitive skin. The shampoos area highly concentrated & will achieve amazing results using only small amounts of shampoo when diluted in warm waterThe shampoo range includes products that are Soap, Paraben, Suphate & DEA free. Petway Petcare formulations are widely used by Pet Industry professionals and home groomers & are proudly Australian Made & Australian Owned.

Tearless Puppy Shampoo 
(Concentrate 10:1)
250ml - $18
500ml - $24
5 litre - $103
Gentle Protein Conditioner
(with Aloe Vera)
250ml - $18
500ml - $24
5 litre - $100

Petway Petcare GENTLE PROTEIN SHAMPOO is a naturally based , gluten free shampoo that thoroughly and gently cleanses the coat and skin.


  • Safe for use on all animals with sensitive skin and excellent for long coated breeds.

  • Removes loose dry skin flakes and moisturises, hydrates and retextures the skin. 

  • Revitalises the coat appearance, leaves it soft and shiny and adds lustre.

  • Contains natural plant derived proteins, coconut derived cleansers, Aloe Vera and baking soda as a deodoriser.

  • Leaves a low allergen tropical coconut fragrance.

Petway Petcare GENTLE PROTEIN CONDITIONER is naturally based and safe for use on animals with sensitive skin.

  • Contains plant derived proteins and Aloe Vera.

  • Softens and revitalises the coat, moisturises and retextures the skin.

  • Leaves a low allergen tropical coconut fragrance.


Petway Petcare SKIN CARE SHAMPOO CONCENTRATE for use on animals with skin conditions.

  • A fantastic non-irritating, deep cleansing naturally based skin care shampoo which is fragrance free.

  • Suitable for use on animals with dry, scaly and irritated skin conditions.

  • Based on Pine Tar, but also contains Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera Extracts, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E.

  • Pine Tar has an anti-itch action and does not leave skin dry. Leaves the coat moisturised, nourished and shiny.

  • Coconut Oil is a natural cleanser, moisturiser and softener, Aloe Vera and Jojoba oil naturally soothes skin.


Gentle Protein Shampoo 
(Concentrate 10:1)
250ml - $18
500ml - $25
5 litre - $100

Petway Petcare TEARLESS PUPPY SHAMPOO is a naturally based tearless, non-irritating, low allergen shampoo.

  • For use on animals, especcially puppies, kittens and those with super sensitive skin.

  • Designed not to irritate eyes when diluted, perfect for safely washing animals faces.

  • Brightens white coats and highlights natural coat colours.

  • Thoroughly cleanses and deodorises the coat and skin.

  • Leaves a crisp green apple fragrance.


Skin Care Shampoo 
(Concentrate 10:1)
250ml - $22
500ml - $32
5 litre - $163
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